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About Petras Lukosius

Born in Lithuania in 1956, Petras Lukosius is a world-renowned artist. Cherished for his unique views and perspectives on life and the role of lighting on our surroundings, Petras’ love for art stems back to childhood.

Petras followed his dream by attending the Klaipeda Children’s Art School at just 14 years old, after which he studied at Telsiai Applied Arts Technical School. During his teen years, Petras wasted no time in making a name for himself as an artist by participating in various art shows on a national and international pedestal.

In 1979, Petras graduated from the Klaipeda Branch of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. It’s been 40+ years since Petras first started to nurture his unique personal art style - a perspective he has finetuned and perfected since.

Today, Petras’ artwork sets the scene in galleries and homes all around the world. He also hosts personal shows worldwide, from Germany to England, and from Spain to Sweden. In 2004, Petras showcased his artwork collections to enthralled audiences in Chicago.

Once of Petras’ primary focuses lies in using special painting tools known as “pallette knives,” an approach unique to Petras’ artwork. Everything he produces is born in his humble studio in Klaipeda, Lithuania, a small coastal city near the Baltic Sea.

Please click here to view Petras’ most recent collections and to order your high-quality prints right now. Each piece of artwork is a 100% authentic reproduction of the original oil painting, personally packaged and sent straight from his Klaipeda-based studio. You may also purchase the original oil painting here - each signed by Petras himself. Petras also offers custom oil paintings for his esteemed clients, which you can learn more about by contacting us.