About Petras Lukosius


Petras Lukosius is not your average painter. In fact, during his studies, he was negatively evaluated by his educators, informed that he was “unable to draw like all the other children.” His’ unique take on life and light was not initially appreciated by those around him. Things like the sky, the sun, and more all fascinated Petras, but he wanted to portray his unique take on them. Artist's unique approach to art was misunderstood by most people, for most of his life, until he found the right platform to showcase his talent.

Petras has spent his entire life nurturing his craft and defining his unique personal style, from the use of different brushes to his distinct painting techniques, and things like lines, depth, and perspective. With each piece of artwork, Petras hopes to take audiences into a new world of thought and possibility, with detail that seems to pop right out of the painting.

After graduating from the Klaipeda Branch of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Petras Lukosius started shaping his own unique style which he is so famous for today. He plays with the power of lighting to produce unique oil paintings you won’t find anywhere else.

Artist believes that light can define the way we see an object or environment, dictating the mood and emotions we connect to a thing or place. For example, a forest can look either magical or ominous depending on how the light falls and at what time of day. Petras can often be found exploring the woods or the streets of old towns in the early hours of the morning, on a mission to discover new possibilities for authentic oil paintings.

“I do not paint environments or objects. I paint the light - the way it falls. Light is what you see. Not the forest, not the old town, not the sea. Light. That’s what I paint. That’s what I capture. That’s what I love.” - Petras Lukosius.