"I couldn’t be happier to present to you my latest artwork, bringing unique perspective on life. Each piece in this new collection displays my unique style, 40 years in the making. My new artwork was brought to life using pure oil paints, with thick oil layers to create deep textures and give the illusion of a 3D aesthetic. I believe this gives my paintings more life, with incredible color and shade depth that’s striking to the eye and thought-provoking for the mind.

I created each painting in a room with average lighting, ensuring a spectacular final product that looks amazing not only in professional art galleries, but in the average household too - no matter the style of lighting or the theme of the room. Each painting I create is filled with mood and emotion, expressing a plethora of feelings with every glance.

My goal with this exciting new collection is to help my viewers and art enthusiasts worldwide to be instantly transported into the world I have created. I want them to feel the motion of the ocean, smell the sweet scents of the meadow, and be whisked away to an alternate universe with every look. If I can empower my viewers and buyers to experience these things, I have achieved my goal - especially if my paintings evoke strong emotions and bring back memories of the past.

Thank you for taking the time to view my new art collection today. Please feel free contact me for more information or to make a custom request today."

-Petras Lukosius

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