Petras Lukosius understands that not everyone has the budget to invest in authentic oil paintings. That’s why he empowers art-enthusiasts to invest in a more affordable option - impeccable prints reminiscent of the real thing in terms of quality and realism.

Each distinct Petras Lukosius print is produced using the very latest printing technology, ensuring unprecedented resolution, contrast, and color match. Better yet, each print is a flawless and authentic representation of Petras Lukosius’ original artwork.

You can place your order in one of two sizes, 100cm x 120cm or 70cm x 84cm. Each piece of original artwork is transferred onto the highest quality canvas possible, carefully packaged into a tube to preserve the integrity of each painting. Please note that artwork comes without a frame.

Petras Lukosius’ team ships his artwork to any location in the world, for free, sharing his unique views and perspective on life with as many people as possible.